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Stainless Steel Bell Hanger

Stainless Steel Bell Hanger

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Hanging Your Bell on a Motorcycle?

Legend has it that the closer you hang your Guardian® Bell to the ground, the more effective it is—the noise of the bell wards off evil spirits by driving them crazy. This Stainless Steel Bell Hanger is ideal for conveniently hanging your favorite Guardian® Bell on your motorcycle, making it easy to take on the road anytime, anywhere. Made in the USA from high-quality stainless steel.

  1. Find a bolt on your bike where you want to hang your bell and remove the bolt.
  2. Line up our bell hanger with the open hole, hang your Guardian Bell on the smaller hole, and then secure it in place with the bolt over it.
  3. Now your bell is secure on your bike, guaranteeing the evil spirits will be kept away!


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